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Vision & Values

Reaching People And Touching Lives Globally As A Leading Provider Of Valued Medicines

Our vision has been conceived keeping an eye on what we are and what we aspire to be. To attain this vision, it is important for us to align ourselves with a clear focus on achieving business goals. 

At Sun, we have always been guided by certain ideologies that have helped us to be successful.

These are Humility, Integrity, Passion & Innovation. Together, we have named it SUNOLOGY, a combination of Sun + ideology.

Main pillars of SUNOLOGY are:


Under promise and over deliver; let your work speak for you; always put ‘we’ before ‘me’ and learn from mistakes


Do the right thing with conviction & without fear; practice honesty, impartiality and fairness at all times; adhere to strong ethical & moral principles and have the courage to call out what is not right 


Infuse energy in everything you do; walk the extra mile; inspire others and give your best in every situation  


Continuous learning; encourage each other to think out-of-the-box and raise the bar every time

In addition to our vision, we have also defined our values – Quality, Reliability, Consistency, Trust & Innovation. This is what Sun as a company stands for. Our every action should be based on these values. I encourage you to take a moment to understand what these values mean & how you can apply them.


Getting it right the first time; each one of us is responsible for quality and it is paramount


Maintain efficiency & discipline in processes and systems; fulfil the promises we make to our stakeholders


Endeavour to bring new products to the market & consistently deliver value to stakeholders 


Is hard earned and we need to build on it; be transparent in our dealings.


Strive to implement new ideas & technologies to meet unmet needs; be futuristic and think ahead of times

By constantly living SUNOLOGY & our VALUES each day, we add to the Sun vision. This is the same inspiration that continues to drive me till date. Sun is a respected brand today and each one of our employees is a brand custodian. It is our collective responsibility to strengthen the Sun brand.