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If there is one core attribute to which we attach the highest priority, and on which we will not compromise, it is quality. Read about our global quality standards here.

Our Quality Vision

Our vision is to globalize, harmonize and simplify GxP processes to ensure a sustainable quality culture. At Sun, we work towards continuous improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS) and all its elements. We are building and maintaining a strong culture of quality through the on-going development, training, and empowerment of our personnel. We believe that producing safe, high-quality product is everyone’s responsibility.

Quality Management System

We follow one quality standard globally at Sun. We ensure its implementation across different functions, including research & development, quality and technical operations. The Global Quality Manual covers all the quality system elements of the QMS as they are applicable throughout our lines of business. We use the best practices to ensure consistent, high-quality products are delivered to the patients.

Our Quality Practices

Harmonization of Compliance Processes

We have established global level documentation structure to ensure harmonized processes, methods and strategies throughout the organization. This concept enables planning, monitoring, and facilitating continuous improvement of product quality supporting regulatory compliance.

“Lessons Learned” Strategy

“Lessons Learned” strategy is an integral part of our quality culture. The process includes identification of gaps, their analysis, risk mitigation and taking corrective actions. This approach not only addresses the issues but leads to actions to prevent similar occurrences in the future, and at the same time identifies what went well and how similar processes may benefit from this information.

Global Quality Metrics

The global quality metrics represent a selection of statistical analysis which have been agreed to at a global level. As part of innovation and continuous improvement, the selected quality indicators are monitored, measured and analysed on a routine basis.

Quality by Design Principles (QbD) for Sustainable Quality

The basic concept of QbD is that “Quality cannot be tested into the product, but it should be built into it”. We are implementing a “21st Century Quality Initiative” across the organization including R&D, technical and quality operations to perform quality, risk and knowledge management assessments.

Quality Data Governance

We are investing in electronic applications, enabling the organization to establish harmonized processes through automation, develop site level metrics and indicators, and to put analysis and risk indication abilities to a new level of execution and control.