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FARINGOSEPT® has a long experience of use in Russia. This drug has been known for more than 30 years.

It is not only well studied; its effectiveness and safety are checked by time. Over the years, the drug has helped to recover thousands of people with diseases of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.

Faringosept was three times – in 2012, 2014, 2016 – recognized as the People’s Brand Drug No.1 in the category Drugs from a sore throat according to the results of consumer vote.

In May 2018, according to the results of a large-scale vote by the participants of the project, which has more than 28 thousand employees of Russian pharmacies, the Faringosept® brand of Sun Pharma took the honorable 3rd place in the nomination “Antiseptic for local use in ENT practice”

Coldact® Flu Plus

For over 15 years of its sales history in Russia, Coldact® Flu Plus has earned high loyalty of the customers; it received such awards as Mark No. 1 based on the results of a nationwide poll in 2014 (in the category of “Symptomatic Colds”), and also became the “Drug of the Year 2016 “in the group of symptomatic drugs for cold treatment (following the results of the competition dedicated to the day of medical workers organized by the Pharmaceutical Association of St. Petersburg and the North-West).



Fenules is one of the pioneers in the segment of iron-containing preparations in the Russian Federation. It appeared on the market in 1993, and almost immediately won the trust and disposition of the entire medical and pharmaceutical community, as well as millions of consumers.


MITERAVEL PLUS is an original complex of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women, with enhanced omega-3, supplemented with molybdenum, selenium, folic acid and iodine, which helps the development of the nervous system of the unborn baby.

Omega-3 contributes to the proper development of the cardiovascular system. In total, Miteravel contains 11 vitamins, 8 minerals and omega-3.
Miteravel takes into account the daily need for vitamins and minerals of pregnant and lactating women, women of childbearing age

Brustan ® (Paracetamol + Ibuprofen)

Brustan® is an aid in the treatment of various types of pain² (including headaches, periodic female and other types of pain) in one tablet, which is especially important for modern and active young people.

Since the second quarter of 2018, Sun Pharma’s Brustan® painkiller has been marketed in an updated package and in OTC status.


NEOTRAVISIL is unique in that it contains an innovative combination of extracts of medicinal plants: licorice, eucalyptus, camphor, orange and mint, which provide a double action: help with cough and sore throat.


According to the results of the first four months of 2019, Sun Pharma, a modern antihistamine drug Fexadin®, popular in Russia, showed a 65% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2018


Among the many funds for the treatment of acne, the drug company Sun Pharma Adaklin  has received in Russia its well-deserved recognition as an effective tool, including in the presence of comedones, papules and pustules.


A modern synbiotic for the physiological restoration of microflora, which immediately attracted the attention of specialists and consumers. It has 5 features: carefully selected strains of probiotic bacteria; high dosage that meets modern standards; the presence of inulin and B vitamins; and what is also important, Floriosa is made in Italy using the latest freeze-drying technology. Due to this, it contributes to the rapid correction of the intestinal microflora composition.


GastroSunTube data portal is an excellent assistant for physicians being in continuing medical education off duty. Records of interesting lectures, analysis of clinical cases in gastroenterology, all the necessary information on medicines – everything is on tap and single-click ease. A convenient calendar of medical events is regularly updated and many of them are in live stream on the portal. A specific feature of this project is the possibility of two-way communication with gastroenterology experts. (compulsory signup)