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Sun Pharma Russia

The two largest Indian companies “Sun Pharmaceutical  limited” and “Ranbaxy” entered the Russian market in 1993, almost simultaneously. Both companies have come a long way in the development of the Russian division of the company at the end of 2015 as a result of global acquisition of Sun Pharma “Ranbaxy”, a subsidiaries  of the Russian company “Ranbaxy” has been integrated into a global structure, Sun Pharma.

Today, Sun Pharmaceutical  limited is represented in more than 50 cities of Russia and Russia is in 36th place among all pharmaceutical companies and 19-th place among manufacturers of generics.

The company “Sun Pharma” is one of the key players in the market of fluoroquinolones, analgesics, cough and cold medicines, and anti-anemic funds, many brands are well known to doctors and pharmacists: Faringosept, Cifran, Cifran CT, Ketanov, Coldact, Fenules, Prajisun, Alfuprost, Mesacol, Sotret, and have lider’s position in the pharmaceutical segments, such as antibiotics, analgesics, gastroenterology, gynecology. 

Sun Pharmaceutical  limited  shows flexibility in relations with partners and strives to maintain its competitiveness through continuous marketing research and consumer research. The company is expanding the product range in the area of chronic therapy: antiatherosclerotic remedies, preparations for the treatment of Central nervous system (CNS) and others

Over the years the company has firmly established itself in Russia. Offered by the company Sun Pharma products are in great demand among Russian consumers, it combines good quality and acceptable price level. The company’s product range is represented in more than 270 drugs in various segments of the market.

At the end of 2016 by buying an 85% stake in Russian producer PJSC “Biosintez” company Sun Pharma continued the process of localization on the Russian pharmaceutical market. In 2019, the share of Sun Pharma became a sole shareholder (owner of 100% of shares) of PJSC “BIOSINТEZ”

PJSC “Biosintez” is Russian production unit of the San Pharma company that pays special attention to the hospital segment of the pharmaceutical market

PJSC” Biosintez ” is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Russia

The company’s portfolio of products includes 180 products with an official annual income of 52 million US dollars. (GMP -0023-00350/19). PJSC “Biosintez” has a manufacturing enterprise in the Penza region, production capabilities of which allow producing a wide range of ready-made dosage forms, including ampoules, powders for injection, ointments, tablets, capsules, invasive solutions, and suppositories..

The philosophy of Sun Pharma is “Taking care of patients’ health first”, and in achieving this, the company relies on innovation, technology and  trust of millions of people around the world, strengthening its reputation as a global leader in healthcare, centered on the needs of patients.

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