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Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)

Sun Pharma, being a trusted partner for many leading innovator and generic companies and having proven track record on “chemical process development & manufacturing”, has ventured into CRAMS. With unwavering commitment to quality, state-of-the-art research, global manufacturing capabilities, regulatory and intellectual property (IP) expertise, we are geared up to support and accelerate the development and manufacturing programs of global innovator companies for Novel Chemical Entities (NCEs).

We offer the following services under CRAMS:

  • Synthetic Route Design & Scouting Services including flow chemistry
  • High-end Chemical Process Development (DoE, 6s, QBD, Salt & Polymorph) & lab demonstration
  • Process Engineering (Data Generation) & Process Safety Studies (Process Hazard Analysis)
  • Salt Screening and polymorph studies
  • Impurity Profiling (including impurity & reference standard synthesis)
  • Kilo & Pilot Scale Manufacturing (non-GMP & GMP) TOX and Clinical Quantities
  • PAR (Proven Acceptance Range) & NOR (Normal Operating Range) Studies
  • Process Validation followed by Commercial Manufacturing
  • ICH Stability Studies & Support for Regulatory filing and approvals (CMC, DMF)

Please write to us at [email protected] for any further queries.

At Sun Pharma, our decades of experience is applied to generate high-quality, commercially viable, economical, scalable, and green processes for our partners. Technology, innovation, and the zest to achieve the best is what we all believe in.

We invite global innovators to our Vadodara R&D facility to experience the world-class scientific community that we have created that will surely sync with your gold standard.

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